Thursday, April 8, 2010

Crazy and ridiculous things in work...

Getting stupid can be a mighty smart thing to do if you want to build an innovative company.Thinking up the dumbest, most ridiculous, and most impractical things you can do is a powerful way to explore your assumptions about the worlds.

It help elicit what you know and believe but may have a hard time articulating, perhaps because it is so obvious you don't even notice.

It also helps you imagine what might happen if your dearest beliefs turn out to be dead wrong. And thinking up the most crazy things you can do-and then thinking about why you might do them

So I enlisted some crazy yet powerful and workable ideas on how to innovate by thinking and doing ridiculous and impractical things

1. brainstorm a list of absurd things to do, reverse the ideas and talk about why you should or shouldn't do these things

2. Use a devil's advocate and dialectal inquiry. Assign people to challenge your groups assumptions and decisions,and to develop an arguments that the opposite assumptions and decisions are actually superior

3. Don't allow even light hearted ridicule and put-downs when people suggest ridiculuos or impractical ideas.

I realized these things through my crazy and wacky insights that I learned and experienced in my years of experience in school, pharmaceutical, forex world and auto-industry, and some may find it CRAZY, but for me it WORKS. If you want people to come up with dumb and impractical ideas that, later on, just might bring joy and riches to your company, praise them or try to come up with even more absurd ideas of your own.

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